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Horse Training and Showing
We provide a professional horse training program that has proven success at a World Champion level. Offering a commitment to excellence in all aspects of training - we accept clients and horses on an individual basis. Our primary breed and show circuits include AQHA, ApHC, APHA, and NSBA. Our training and show program focuses on events including Western Pleasure, Western Riding, Trail, Hunter Under Saddle, Horsemanship, and Showmanship. We also provide services including hauling to shows, showing client horses, and coaching horse and rider at shows. 

It is our mission and goal to find the method that works best for each horse, as an individual, and our dedication to bringing out the best in you and your horse that makes us your destination for success! 

In addition - we always have quality horses available for purchase, through our elite breeding and training programs. We offer assistance in selling current mounts, purchasing new prospects or seasoned horses, and after sale service including tune ups, lessons, and training. For clients in our program, we offer special discounts on horses purchased through our barn that remain in our training and show program. 



Riding Instruction and Show Coaching

The lesson program is tailored specifically to a horse and riders needs, and is designed to help achieve their personal horsemanship and show goals. We focus on horse and rider as a pair, to develop a better relationship between them as a team. We do offer a select number of lessons on our horses, to be arranged on an individual basis. The lesson structure incorporates many different maneuvers, and exercises that build communication and strengthen the bond between horse and rider.

Beyond learning the basics and developing skills needed for safe, correct handling/riding of a horse, we also coach on a world show level. We offer "Show Coaching" to all clients with horses in training, as well as outside riders competing with their own horses (arranged on an individual basis). Over the years, we have coached numerous National and World Champion exhibitors in every event available. Having successfully judged as well as shown in these events for years, we are able to provide insight into what the judges are looking for and how to go about presenting your horse at its best. "Presentation is everything!" - we also provide guidance and advice in outfitting yourself and horse suitable to the show or competition level you would like to compete at. 



Audra Snyder Show Horses offers Public and Private Clinics intending to work on a specific event/discipline at one time, to maximize horse and rider skills in that particular event.


Clinics can be arranged at your location by contacting Audra Snyder directly. Public events, and discipline covered, will be posted online. Audra is also available for overseas Clinics. All RVSPs to public and private events should be done via email.

Audra is a carded POA judge, as well as guest ApHC, and approved Open Show and 4-H judge, and enjoys judging on available weekends.


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