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Past and Present Champions

Audra Snyder Show Horses has a long list of Champions, past and present.

Take a look at a few of our memories, in and out of the show pen ...

We always welcome new people and horses.

Call to join the team .. Let's get started on Your Next Champion!

Audra Snyder Show Horses

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My Best Lopin Gal                                                                           Sheza Hot Reservation

Life After Death

Post Ta Dash

Sheza Hot Reservation

Raising Assets

Good To Be Extreme

UF Lethal Cowgirl

Magic Hunter

Mallory Hanson / Jewel Hunter

Norah Snyder / Life After Death

IZA Flash Of Bonanza

Invited By Chocolatey

Reason To Play

Death Wish and Cowboys Paradise

A Lad N Magic

Spot Me Too Doc

SkyBlue Caanstelation

Meadow Maid

Invested By Charlie

Oughta Be A Breeze

JNZ Easter Chocolate

JNZ Handful of Color

Pass My Image

Sheza Hot Krymsun

Top Secret Zippo

IMA Classy Chip

Please take a look around the website and contact us today to join our program!!

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- Horse Boarding - Training - Showing - Lessons and Sales -

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